Murder Most Unladylike

Hazel Wong and Daisy Wells have started a detective society at their boarding school, Deepdean School for Girls. All that is missing is a case to solve. But then Hazel finds the lifeless body of their science mistress in the gym. They start investigating, but time is of the essence because the murderer could still well be within the school grounds.


"This is a thrilling introduction to Robin Stevens’ characters and their world. From the very start, I loved Daisy and Hazel and dreamt of joining their secret society! I definitely recommend to start the series with this book and read them all in order to fully enjoy following the girls' adventure."

First Class Murder

Hazel’s father has invited the Detective Society onto the Orient Express for a tour of Europe to refresh their thoughts after the murder at Daisy’s house in April. However, murder is never far away for the detectives. Will they solve the murder before the end of the trip?

"It's great meeting Hazel's family on the Orient Express. It is already the third book and the reading is still as exciting.

Robin Stevens is definitely the new Agatha Christie, and Daisy and Hazel  are as good as a detective as Hercule Poirot. We really enjoyed this amazing classic!"

Arsenic for Tea

It’s Daisy’s birthday and The Detective Society have gone to her glamorous house. They are hoping for a relaxing holiday, away from all the hustle and bustle of school. But murder is never far away and with Daisy’s father being the prime suspect, the society need to use all their knowledge to save him.

“This is one of the most incredible plots and I don’t think I’ll ever solve one of Robin’s mysteries before the end of the book.

The mystery in this second book is the most difficult to solve of the series, which makes the book the most hooking of them all."

Jolly Foul Play

Daisy and Hazel are back at Deepdean. They know straight away that this will not be a normal term: there is a new Head Girl (Elizabeth Hurst) and she and her bullying prefect 'friends' are ruining everything in many unthinkable ways until Elizabeth is found murdered and everyone is a suspect...

"The rivalry between the Detective Society and the prefect girls fills the story with unprecedented action. This thrilling book made us read into the dead of night!"

Mistletoe and Murder

In the 5th book of the series, Daisy, Hazel and the Junior Pinkertons (an allied boys detective agency) spend Christmas in Cambridge. They hope for a calm break from school, but not all is as it seems. A murder happens and the children must use all their detective knowledge in order to solve this case. But what if the killer strikes again? 


"The boys are a great addition to the group of friend detectives. They instill a more relaxed atmosphere making the mystery lighter and easier to follow. I loved this incredible adventure through snowy Cambridge at Christmas."

Death in the Spotlight

In London, the girls take part in a play at the Rue. Everything seems beautiful but backstage, threats and terrible pranks soon become murderous. When one of the cast is found dead and the clues don’t match up, Daisy and Hazel realise that every actor and every play has its secrets. But will they solve the crime before the murderer gets to another victim?


"This is one of her most spellbinding books yet. Slightly more confusing than the other adventures, you might turn a bit crazy trying to solve this murder along Hazel and Daisy. I hung onto Robin’s every word."

A Spoonful of Murder

The Wells & Wong detective society have already solved five mysteries. When Daisy and Hazel go to Hong Kong for a family reunion, there is a new member in the family: Hazel now has a baby brother. As usual, murder strikes; this time there is a kidnapping as well. Join the detective society on their new adventure where they have to confront dangerous gangs in the dead of night and discover the murderer’s identity - before the worst can happen.


"This book is one of Robin Stevens' most amazing story. It is full of twists, turns and revelations! Most hooking book ever! I loved it! Our absolute favourite!"

Top Marks for Murder

In this eighth mystery, the Detective Society comes across a new murder inside the school. They are determined to solve this mystery because, if they don’t, their headmistress will close the school forever and the society will be broken.  


"Through eight adventures, Robin made the characters come to life. We now feel like we really know them and became real friends. This just adds to how amazing these books are."

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The Case of the Drowned Pearl

Mini Mystery (World Book Day)

This book was written especially for world book day 2020. It was one of the 12 £1 books.


The Wells & Wong detective society are on Holiday with the Junior Pinkertons at Saltings beach. They want to relax and have fun, Aunt Lucy and Uncle Felix are away on important business. As usual murder strikes: a body is found on the beach likely to have drowned. It is a famous swimmer nicknamed the Pearl of Saltings. Something is wrong though: the body smells of soap …

"This book was very quick and fun to read. The competition between the girls and boys moves the story along in an entertaining way and it really felt like I was there myself."

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The Case of the Missing Treasure

Mini Mystery 

In London, a daring thief  is robbing famous museums. It is Daisy's birthday and her aunt and uncle have made a treasure hunt for her. While doing this, Daisy finds something strange. Together with the Junior Pinkertons, the detectives are on the case.


"Even though this is a mini mystery, Robins Stevens makes it none the less exciting! A lot of interesting facts about Egypt and a swift mystery that is really fun to read. Maybe, it just ends a little too quickly!"

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The Guggenheim

Sequel to Siobhan Dowd's 'The London-eye Mystery'

It’s now the Summer holidays! Ted Spark and his sister Kat are going to New York to visit their cousin Salim and their aunt Gloria. Although wanting to relax, they do not expect a priceless painting to be stolen and when Aunt Gloria is arrested, they embark on a quest around New York to find evidence before time runs out.

"This book has nothing to do with the series about the Wells & Wong Detective Society. Robin Stevens wrote this sequel to Siobhan Dowd's 'The London-eye Mystery', starting only from the first book and the title for the second one. Everything is different to Hazel and Daisy's world: the main characters are two boys, they talk differently, there is no murder, etc. But what stays the same is that it is a suspenseful mystery that you can neither let go of nor solve before the last page. Robin is really a mystery genius!"

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