The Ickabog

J.K Rowling has recently released her first children's book since the last Harry Potter. It sounds amazing and Jason has kindly offered to review it for us. Enjoy!

Hey all, Jason the Bookworm here and I am back with another blog post. The Ickabog is a magnificent book written by J.K Rowling (who is too often only recognised for her Harry Potter books. She also writes other stuff, which is brilliant!) It is set in the land of Cornucopia and is a tale full of mystery, cunning plans and lots of kidnappings. It is about a mythical monster that comes to life via an evil Lord, who only cares about himself. The mythical monster causes widespread chaos and panic, plunging Cornucopia into poverty. But can four kids and a bit of ingenious thinking save the country?

“Just incredible… I am absolutely speechless”

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