The History of the book

This website is all about books. But have we ever actually talked about where the book comes from? It has an amazing history and we have picked out some of the key parts, going from stone slabs to e-readers.

3500 BC - Symbols on tablets

The first book we have evidence of. It was carved into stone slabs using the alphabet of the time.

2400 BC - Papyrus scrolls

Originated in Egypt, the papyrus is made from the papyrus reed which people discovered you could write more easily on.

500 - 200 BC - Parchment

As parchment is made of calfskin and it was easier to write on than papyrus, people used that.

868 AD - The first printed book

When printing blocks were developed in China, it made the process of book-making a lot easier

1041 - 1230 AD - The first moveable type

When people discovered it would be easier to use individual stamps, they started using those instead.

1639 - 1640 AD - America’s first book

When The first printing press was brought to America to print its first books. When the printing press was introduced, it made printing books easier, cheaper and quicker.

1920-1938 AD - Paperback novels

Until now, the most common types of books had been hardbacks. When people started to realise that paperbacks were much easier to print and took less time, they became more common.

1933 AD - Nazis begin burning books

In order to “control the German history” the Nazi party started to burn books. This cut down the amount of books that were printed.

1955 AD - Books start to be sold online

With the company ‘Amazon’ set up, the book market increased a lot. Originally, ‘Amazon’ sold only books!

2007 AD - Kindle becomes the first e-reader

With technology expanding, ‘Amazon’ makes the first ever e-reader.

All in all, the book has had quite an incredible history!

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