Taking Care of Your Books

Books are amazing, a portal to new worlds. But did you know that 320 million books are thrown away each year? Are you looking after yours properly? Here are a few tips to make sure your books stay in the best condition possible.

  1. Do not put an open book face down on a surface; it damages the spine of that book and there is a risk of the pages being folded underneath.

  2. If you need a bookmark, do not use a thick object, it breaks the spine and bends the pages.

  3. Be careful! Moisture makes them warp and the book will not close properly.

  4. We all have lots of books but don’t pack your shelves too tight or you will have trouble taking them out and might damage the top of its spine.

  5. Try not to eat whilst reading a book or it might spill onto it!

  6. Do not fold the top of the page to mark your place in a book, the fold never comes out and damages the book. If you really want to mark your page that way, keep your fold to the smallest possible!

  7. Be careful when carrying your books somewhere, make sure they are placed on a flat surface and that they won’t bump into something or the edges of the book will be squished.

This will help you enjoy your books as if they were bran you and keep them on your bookshelf for longer! Have a good read!

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