October 2021 Book of the Month : White Rabbit, Red Wolf

Peter Blankman suffers from severe panic attacks and loves maths. He uses logic to sort his life. His family and Ingrid - his only friend - are his crutch to lean on when his logic doesn’t work. But some things can’t be sorted into logical patterns. Like when his mother is stabbed at one of the biggest award ceremonies in the country and his sister Bel goes missing. Suddenly Peter can’t sort anything into logic anymore and the world that has been supporting him his whole life is unraveling like a ball of yarn in front of his eyes. And all he can do is watch as his trust in life crumbles. Now if he ever wants his normal life back he needs to find another support to lean on but is that possible when everything he thought he knew is based on lies.

“This book sends shivers down my spine. At every turn you get a new thrill from all the plot twists. I loved it, there is nothing more to say.”

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