March 2021 Book of the Month : Good Girl Bad Blood

This book is the sequel in the series of A good girl’s guide to murder. Pippa Fitz-Amobi is back to investigating even after having been sure that she would never risk her life again in the same way that she did when investigating the murder of Andie Bell. This time it is not because it was her choice that made her change her mind to start investigating the new case. A close friend has gone missing and Pippa is sure this is not just a case of him going missing for a day. So she has no choice but to investigate leading her into even greater danger than before.

“This thrilling adventure is in my opinion even better than the first! Pippa is such a brave character but also very sympathising. Also, you can often relate to her problems within her family or friends. Holly Jackson has made these books really capturing and excitingly thrilling to read. ”

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