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Hi all, my name is Jason, I am 10 years old, I love football, and I have a serious case of


This post is all about Philosophy. I am reviewing 4 of my favourite Philosophy books. “Hmmm...” I can hear you silently mutter. “Why does the football obsessed kid love books and Philosophy?” Well my good friends, to tell you the truth, I don’t know either. One day, I came back from school to find a parcel for me. “Whaaaaaaaaaa...?” I say. I open it and inside I find a book. So, I start reading it and fall in love with the brilliant subject that goes by the name of Philosophy. Philosophy is a weird thing. It has ideas and questions that make you smack your sofa with a pillow. But... each question can relate to your daily life and can actually help you solve problems

that trouble you. I hope you enjoy my reviews. Stay safe and stay reading!


The Complete Philosophy Files, by Stephen Law

This book is fantastic for kids who want to take a look at the world from a different perspective.

There are 15 chapters, each one opening a new door in Philosophy’s hallway. For example,

questions like “What's real?” and “How do I know the world isn't virtual?” all are chapters in this magnificent book! Fun illustrations along with intriguing and well written text is a match made in heaven. The biggest of questions for the littlest of people, all squeezed into 398 pages of greatness.


Sophie’s World, by Jostein Gaarder

A thought-provoking story, starring 11-year old Sophie Amundsen, a girl whose daily life consists

of school, homework and letters from a strange philosopher. Each letter takes you back in time

to a significant moment in the history of philosophy. But there is more to this book than you

think: Every now and then, Sophie hatches a cunning plan to reveal the identity of this

mysterious pen-pal and his assistant, Hermes, the dog messenger that delivers the letters to

Sophie. After some time, Sophie’s mum becomes suspicious of the little white envelopes. Will

she ever uncover the mystery?

No. 3

Big Ideas for Curious Minds, by The School of Life (Editor: Alain De Botton)

Before reading this book, I thought of philosophy as an abstract matter. Now I see it in a whole new way. Turns out, every philosophical query can relate to your personal, everyday life. For example, from Albert Camus (a famous philosopher and semi-professional footballer) I learnt that I shouldn’t let people’s judgement stop me from realising my potential. Also, Zera Yacob taught me that when a friend is mean to me for no reason, it’s probably just because they are having a hard time at home or with someone else – and this changed how I will react to them. I am sure you, too, will find that you can apply the ideas in this book to real life situations.

No. 4

Children’s Book of Philosophy, by Sarah Tomley & Marcus Weeks

Accompanied by many photos and illustrations, this book helps children understand the complicated world of philosophy. Its five chapters explore big questions such as Is the World Real? and How Do I Decide What’s Right? Each chapter includes a section about the life of a philosopher whose work helped us answer the subject in question. Very colourful and full of cool facts, this book will keep you awake after bed time.

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