E-book vs. Physical book

What is your opinion? Do you prefer kindle or hardback? Let us know in the comments!


So I prefer books because well 1 it’s nice to have the book on your lap and the feeing of turning the page(in my opinion) is much better than tapping on a screen. A new book always smells really nice and plus after a while even in e-books your eyes start to hurt. The covers of books are nearly always done with care and people have spent ages trying to think of the right thing to draw, the right way to dispose the title, the colour of the cover etc... on them and with e-books you can not enjoy this as much. Even though I 200% prefer books to e-books j must admit they are very handy for travel I g or when you are moving around a lot.

@the_story_scribbler: I think that real books are better. They are just magical and are all different. Kindles are good but when you’re a big bookworm they might damage your eyes. Also it’s not the same as you can’t have an amazing rainbow bookshelf if you only have a kindle. I have to say though, books are a bit worse for the environment, but not if you love and keep them, or especially buy them second hand.


My opinion is hardback because good stories started that way so they have more meaning, people forget passwords kindles get sold etc but a book is forever.

@Saskia Payne:

paper books because the way they smell and feel is just the best.


i have a kindle but i still prefer books its better.

@Lola Brogan:

In my opinion... Probably paperbooks! But it's a VERY close decision!

@Juniper Clouds:

Oooo that sounds interesting well I think both, as yes paper books are great but some people can't get access to books so kindle are key but no as the texture the feel the weight makes it all part of the amazing magical experience, either way it is your choice depending on the situation ☺️

@Daisy Dodman:

I think books are better because you are not looking at a screen

Thank you so much to everyone who shared their opinions!

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