Autumn Poem Competition!

Autumn is here again and last year, we published some fantastic poems on this season. Now, with the inspiration of the falling leaves and whipping wind, we are launching a competition on autumn poems. Write your own poem or descriptive piece of writing on autumn and enter the competition. The best pieces will be published in a special blog post! You can write anything from haiku to acrostic poem, narrative writting to descriptive piece. You do not have to rhyme your poems if you do not wish to or name your poems. Please try to not exceed 500 words.

Here are examples to help you get going!


Red leaves

Red trees

Sun of past dawns

Stars of future dusks

Autumn is here

Summer tinted with rust

Orange, yellows, reds:

The fires of the souls.

Lay down to rest:

The carpet of our world.

(descriptive writing)

There had been a disctintive change in the air for a few days. Nobody would really have been able to know exactly when this had started to happen. It had slunk in like a black cat on All Hallows' Eve, unnoticed until it had shown itself, all claws stretched out. The leaves too, restless in the brisk wind, were agitated and forever changing. They seemed to be shaking themselves loose of their beloved trees to fall to the ground in little tongues of red, yellow and orange flames. Maybe they were the fragments of the sun that fell to earth when it disappeared over the horizon, quicker to set and slower to rise by the day. Night seemed to laugh in her bat-winged disguise as she spread her cloak over the nestled villages and cities earlier and watched as the confused humans milled around in bemused bewilderment and stared at the sky. The wind was a chilling feeling which forced the hard working people back into their houses. Only the strongest of animals were able to brave the night. A night which could only have one meaning: Autumn, that warm-hearted but cold-looking nymph, was here.

To send us your work for the competition, email us at Have fun writing and enjoy this season!

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