August 2021 Book of the Month: A Letter for the King

Tiuri, Son of the famous knight Sir Tiuri, has waited all his life to become a loyal knight of King Dagonaut. He has been a squire for a long time and one more task separates him from his goal: a whole night in a chapel without speaking, eating or sleeping. He and his friends are not allowed to go out of the chapel so when a stranger knocks on the door and cries for help, Tiuri is unsure of what to do. Choosing to help the stranger, he runs away to help the Knight with the White Shield on a perilous task to deliver a confidential message to the king over the border, leaving behind his own ambitions.

“This book was so thrilling and exciting! I have never read a book that portrays the sense of adventure and urgency the characters must be feeling. I loved it!”

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