An Interview with Clarissa Gosling

One of our friends - Apolline - had the chance to meet an amazing author and has kindly let us share this with you.

She is the author of books like "Lost Princess of Starlight" and "Dragons of Kaitstud" and she has also written lots of short stories.

Here is a bit more detail, thanks to our friend Apolline:

Interview with Clarissa Gosling:

Who is she?

Clarissa Gosling is a British mum who now lives in Amsterdam.

What does she do?

Clarissa is a fantasy author, for young adults and teens. Most of her books are about fae (fairies) but she has produced a few others based on her life.

When, how and why did we meet?

We met on the 17 th of December 2020, in class, via ZOOM. We happened to be studying and writing fantasy stories so this meeting was really helpful. She gave us a lot of information and tips to start writing for ourselves.

Advice she gave:

 - You can write about anything, especially about your surroundings

 - Never give up

 - Read a lot to be inspired

 - Write a bit everyday

 - Write many drafts (even though your first ones may not be as you want them to be)

How does her job work?

First of all, Clarissa writes a bit every day. She makes a lot of drafts and takes a lot of

time going over them and editing. She even took one whole year to publish her first book!

Her books are wonderful, if you haven't read them yet, go check them out!

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