Sue Hendra & Paul Linnet

This is an entertaining book about a potato that is always here to save the supermarket. When the evil pea gets out of the freezer, be prepared for the worst chaos ever! Will Supertato be here in time?

"My brothers can't get enough of this book. They even dressed up as Supertato and Evil Pea for World book day!"

A squash and a squeeze

Julia Donaldson

This is a funny story about a little old lady who thinks her house is a squash and a squeeze. She asks the Wise old man for help. What solution will he think of?

"Another funny and entertaining Julia Donaldson book."


Janet & Allan Ahlberg

In a dark dark house in a dark dark cellar live some ... skeletons! Join big skeleton, small skeleton and their skeleton dog through their night time adventure with ... skeletons!

"We read this story very often as small children and have warm memories of it."

Small knight and George

Ronda Armitage

One day small knight goes on an adventure to fight a dragon because that's what big knights do! Will he succeed in his mission or will something much different happen?

"The end is a beautifully surprising twist!"


Julia Donaldson

Superworm will never hesitate to save his friends when trouble comes their way. Whether they hop onto the road or fall down the well, Superworm is here to save the day! But one day, Superworm is caught up into frightful trouble. His friends must save him from the grip of the wizard and his crow!


“Although this book is simple, this story shows that you should help others even if they have never helped you. They will help you out of something tricky too.”

Screenshot 2020-11-22 at 22.38.56.png
Where the Wild Things Are

Maurice Sendak

Max has been up to mischief and is sent up to his room with no supper. Max has no intention in staying there and when a forest starts to grow in his bedroom, he takes a boat and sails out at sea. After months at sea, he reaches the place where the wild things are and tames them.


“With amazing, detailed pictures and a great story, this tale is an incredible book! Including mischief, magic and fun, this is a real treasure chest.”


Julia Donaldson

Zog is a dragon who tries very hard to win a golden star. At school, with Madame Dragon, he learns how to fly, roar, breath fire. He practices alone, very keen to get it right and each time he hurts himself, a girl comes to help him. But one day, he has to capture a princess. Zog is desperate for, try as he might, he cannot manage.

“This is funny and catchy. It has an awesome rythm that gets stuck in your head all the time!”