One of us is Lying

Karen M. McManus

​This book is Karen McManus’s debut novel. It follows the story of a small American village called Bayview. In its heart lies Bayview high, the high school, where the drama happens. One afternoon, 5 students enter the detention and only 4 come back out: Addy, Bronwyn, Cooper and Nate. They all have a good reason for the murder. They had barely knew each other before the tragic accident but tragedy brings them together. Now that they are all in the same boat, they must find out who the murderer is, before it is too late!

Although my favourite was ‘A Good Girl’s Guide to murder’, I really enjoyed reading ‘One of us is lying’ because the plot is complex but you can still have a go at solving the mystery yourself. It is full of drama and the style is very fun - it is written from each of the 4 main characters’ perspective!

Two can keep a Secret

Karen M. McManus

Ellery’s never been to Echo Ridge but she knows plenty about it. It’s where her 16-year-old Aunt went missing and a homecoming queen was murdered 5 years before. Now, she lives there with her Grandmother after her Mum lands in rehab. There, she meets a boy, Malcolm, who’s older brother was the prime suspect for murder. And, as mysterious threats start to appear around town, the 2 must work together to solve the mystery before it is too late.

“The plot was most interesting and seemed uncomplicated but really well written. Also, Karen makes all of her plots very different, yet you can see her style in every one! You can guess as much as you want but you still have to read until the end to get full confirmation!

High Rise Mystery

Sharna Jackson

​It’s the hottest summer on record and there’s been a murder on The Tri. Nick and Norva live in the apartment block with their Dad and know about EVERYTHING that happens there. So a murder is not easy to cover up when you have to detectives-in-training living in the block.  When a body is found, Nik and Norva must battle to try and outwit the murderer. And the murderer has bad intentions, involving the framing of their Dad. Will they be able to clear their Dad’s name before it’s too late?

“This is a thrilling adventure, and the fact that it is all so realistic makes it an even more spine-tingling read. You are racing with Nick and Norva to find the killer before the killer finds them. You will be hooked!”

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder

Holly Jackson

Pip is doing her EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) during the summer holidays based on a murder that had happened 5 years before. The case was closed and everyone knows that Andie Bell was killed by her boyfriend Sal Singh but Pip isn't so sure. No one really wants to talk about it anymore, making her EPQ all the harder. She runs unmistakeable danger and is tortured by threats. She was sure that Andie Bell’s murderer still on the loose but what if, even worse, they were still in the village?


“I loved this book: the plot is so hard to guess yet so simple and it keeps you on your toes. Also, Holly Jackson has made the main character very relatable and the plot so twisted you can only keep on guessing. And of course Pip is a fantastic detective.”