Emil and the Detectives

Erich Kästner

This is about a boy who goes to Berlin on a train. He falls asleep and something dreadful happens. His money gets stolen. With the help of friends in the city, he must try and find the thief before it is too late

“This book is an amazing mystery ; I was gripped right by the start by Emil’s story. It is an exciting adventure through Berlin, where Erich Kästner describes what it is like for such a poor boy to get his money stolen. Luckily, Emil’s friends are always close by.”


Hans Peter Richter

This is a heartbreaking novel by the German author Hans Peter Ritcher set during Hitler's rise to power and reign in Germany in the 1930s. The story is told by his neighbour and friend. The story begins in 1925 and finishes in 1942 when the narrator is 17. Growing up as a jewish boy gets harder and harder as Hitler gains power and starts to impose his dictatorial regime. Friedrich has to move to a jewish school and is thrown out of many public spaces. One day, an angry mob breaks into his house and murders his mother. More difficulties will then follow...

“This book actually made me cry and smile. This is a quick but tearful read and I fully recommend it!”

Journey to the Centre of the Earth

Jules Verne

This breathtaking adventure novel is about Professor Otto Lidenbrock as he tries to journey into the centre of the earth with his young nephew (the narrator). But they will face grave dangers. Will they make it to the centre of the Earth? Or more importantly, will they make it back up?

"This is a beautiful novel that displays friendship and a desire to save your friends. There is a strong message in trust and  determination." 


Otfried Preußler

Curiosity brings Krabat to the old mill, a place where nobody goes. It is warned of being haunted. But when Krabat arrives he is welcomed by friendly faces and a promise of an easy, nice life here. But maybe some promises seem too good to be true? This adventure follows Krabat on his journey of trust, magic and freedom.

"Charmingly written, this book may be Otfried Preußler's best. Freedom is one of the many important themes in this must read classic. You will journey with Krabat, face many dangers and solve mamy challenges. This is spell-binding." 

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The little Prince

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

There was once an aviator whose plane had to land in the desert due to a problem in the motor. When he wakes up, he finds a little boy who has come from a tiny star. He owns three volcanoes and an unique rose with only four thorns to defend herself. Together they go explore the bizarre world of grown-ups and their ‘serious things’.

" One of the most important books you will ever read. This book makes you cry, think and smile, all in the same sentence." 

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Cornelia Funke

When 12 year old Meggie finds out that her Father has an exceptional gift, a magical journey begins. In a dark town where no one goes, is one of the characters escaped from a book her Father read. And now that man brings danger and heartbreak. Will Meggie be able to save herself and her Father?

“A mysterious and marvellous book that features amazing characters and mind-bending plot twists. I would really recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy or action”

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The Neverending story

Michael Ende

Trying to escape from bullies at school, Bastian Balthazar Bux finds comfort in the books he reads. When he picks up the Neverending story ( the book inside the book) his life is changed forever. Suddenly transported to the world of Fantastica, the boy will face many challenges. WIll he ever make it home?

“This book is amazing. The characters are beautifully described, you almost feel like you are in Fantastica yourself. I devoured it."