AUGUST Character of the month

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Name: Deka

Books : The Gilded Ones, The Merciless Ones

Creator: Namina Forna

In a sexist, dystopian world, Deka fears the blood ceremony that will determine whether she will belong. But when her blood runs gold - the colour of impurity, a demon - everything is torn away from her. Then a mysterious woman appears, offering safety in a training ground with girls just like her; alaki, near immortals with rare gifts. But the Warthu Bera is preparing for a battle larger than she could ever imagine. Deka is fierce and brave, and can hold her ground with conviction. She is very mature and loyal to her friends, but this means she often feels guilty when she cannot hold the responsibility she puts on herself. Her kindness and compassion is shown through her romance with Keita, and her strong friendship with Britta.