When Hitler stole Pink rabbit

This is an amazing story about a family who have to escape war torn Germany. This describes their heartbreaking journey through Europe.

"I was totally hooked by the book, I was worried for Anna and couldn't stop reading until I was sure she had escaped 


The good thieves

This is a suspenseful book about a young girl called Vita trying to prove that everything her grandfather, Jack, owns was stolen by a notorious conman. She finds a pick pocket and 2 boys with special talent to help set up her death-defying plan.

"Reading about Vita was inspiring and made me wish I had her confidence and courage."

The London Eye Mystery

The London Eye Mystery is about a young boy and his sister.When his cousin gets on the London Eye and doesn't get off, Ted must use his unique way of looking at things to solve the mystery. But time ticks dangerously on.

"The book made me feel I was seeing everything with my own eyes and was solving the mystery myself!"

The Boy who Flew

When Mr Chen, Athan Wilde's friend, is murdered, Athan must stop the flying machine they were making from falling into the wrong hands. Keeping the machine safe puts his family in terrible danger. What will he choose, flight or family?

"I love a book with suspense and Athan's story was really exciting and with just enough stress ..."

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