Louis Sachar

Stanley Yelnats is sent to a detention camp after having stolen some trainers. He chose Camp Green Lake over prison. But things are slightly different to what Stanley expects. He has to dig holes everyday, but to train his muscles or for something completely different? Truth.

“Holes is a Classic written by the bestselling author Louis Sachar! Even though I prefered ‘There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom’, I think people who like books about justice and adventure will like this book. I enjoyed the start more than the end: but don’t let that put you off. Give it a go, and tell us what you think!”


Jason Reynolds 

When Castle Cranshaw, aka Ghost, gets spotted by a professional coach his life changes radically. In a promise he makes to his Mother, Ghost must try not to get into any trouble at school. But when he makes a life changing decision, will he be able to redeem himself?

‘ I didn’t really enjoy this book, there wasn’t a gret plot. The message was ok but nothing really happened.’

Lori and Max

Catherine O'Flynn

It is Lori’s big dream to become a detective but, so far, she has only solved the mystery of her Nan’s missing glasses. One day, Maxine (who prefers to be called  Max) arrives in her class and becomes friends with Lori. Shortly after, an important sum of money is stolen from the classroom and Max goes missing. Could the sum of money stolen from the classroom and Max's disappearance somehow be linked? Lori decides to investigate further.

“This adventure has a brilliant plot with just as great characters. Even though it was short, it was jam-packed with action. This story was so cleverly created!”

Private Peaceful

Michael Morpurgo

Set in the trenches of World War One, this moving story is about a young soldier and his brother. He looks back at his life in the English countryside and his life when war started. But every moment Tommo spends thinking about the past brings him closer to a moment that will change him forever. 

‘An absolutely beautiful story. This novel accurately portrays how soldiers would have felt. Although it is sad at times it is definitely worth it!’

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The Lifters

Dave Eggers

This novel follows Gran (Granite) after his move to Carousel. But what if nothing there is as it seems? Will Gran be able to stop the mysterious forces at work under his feet? If yes, then only with the help of Catalina Catalan.

“This is a wonderful novel. It pulls you in right from the first (one sentence!) chapter. You really want this sad hamlet to get back its happiness. I loved the wonderful descriptions and beautiful illustrations that made everything so clear.”

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R. J. Palacio

Wonder is an emotional book about a boy called August (Auggie), who has a facial disfigurement. The book is about how he starts school in Year 5. He makes friends and enemies and learns some important lessons about life along the way.

“When someone a little different passes by, you probably tend to stare at them as if they’re an alien but this books shows what people like August feel like when that happens. It shares the message that it isn’t about what you’re like on the outside but about what you're like on the inside. Palacio’s book really helps to change your attitude towards these people. ”

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The lion, the witch and the wardrobe

C.S. Lewis

When Edmund, Lucy, Susan and Peter step through a magic wardrobe and into an even more magic world, they are enchanted. This place is perfect. But Narnia faces a great danger. Will they be able to help those who live in this kingdom or will they be tempted by evil?

‘I absolutely loved this book, it has an amazing depth to it. Lucy is an absolutely relatable character, I fell in love with her right from the start.'