Asha and the Spirit Bird 

Jasbinder Bilan   4.8/5


In a rural village in the foothills of the himalayas, Asha, he siblings and her Mother enjoy an almost perfect life. If only her Father was there instead of having to work in the city. But, after 4 months of getting not a single letter from her Father, a ruthless debt collector arrives and soon Asha’s entire world is threatened. She must swallow her fears, face natural disaster and the wild dangers of the Himalayas to find her Father and bring him home. But will that ever be possible? 


“A magical story that highlights exactly what every character in this heartwarming story must have felt like. Asha is an inspiration, brave and true to herself, never giving up. This stirring novel doesn’t let you put it down”

Asha & the spirit bird

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