Anne of Green Gables

L.M. Montgomery

Anne Shirley, an orphan, arrives at Green Gables by mistake. The Cuthberts wanted a boy but thanks to Anne's endearing nature she stays and finds many friends. This amazing book has been treasured by us and millions of readers around the world.

“This book is a true gemstone! Anne makes so many new experiences, and so many new friends, it is almost as if you are living her life for her. Every little detail is described in a fascinating way that doesn’t let you put the book down”

Little Lord Fauntleroy

Frances Hodgson Burnett

This breathtaking adventure is about a young boy called Cedric who discovers that he will inherit a great fortune and title from his English, Royal grandfather. But is his grandfather just as nice as Cedric's mother tells him he is?

“The Little lord is a delightful character to read about. His curiosity and kindness have motivated many people around the world, ever since this book was published. If you enjoyed it, then try out other books by Frances Hodgson Burnett.”



Roald Dahl

This is an enhancing tale about a young girl called Matilda with unusual capacities. Underestimated by her family, she is taken in by her kind teacher, Miss Honey, who believes in her. Together they unveil a great secret involving the evil headteacher.

“This book really shows you what a child can do. An inspiration for so many children (and adults). With her family problems, you feel like you are helpless but the way Matilda copes is awe-inspiring!” 

Charlotte's Web

E. B. White

Wilbur is a runt. A little girl rescues him but he is sent to live on a farm. There he meets Charlotte, a spider, with whom he becomes best friends. Charlotte must think of a clever way to save him from the fate that all fat young piglets face. Will their friendship save him?

“This is definitely one of the most heartwarming stories we have read. It teaches people so much about friendship, love and connections between a kind, loving girl, her rescued pig and an animal most people fear: a spider.”

Black Beauty.png
Black Beauty

Anna Sewell

A touching autobiography. Beauty endures many hardships but stays strong. Going through life in the 1800s, it is a heartwarming novel that shows us how harsh life can be for animals. 

“This book is an absolute must read! It can be a little sad at times but it will teach you to treat all animals, not just horses with respect.”

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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

C. S. Lewis

4 young children are evacuated from dangerous London in WW2 to a professor’s house in the country. Life - they think - will be boring, but what they uncover is truly, a lifetime’s adventure.

“We studied this book in school and I think the whole class absolutely loved it! We travelled through the door to Narnia with Lucy, Edmund, Peter and Susan thanks to this tremendously well written book”

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The Famous Five Series

Enid Blyton

The four young children and their dog embark on a new adventure in every book and you travel along with them! As they go, they uncover mysteries and many things to keep them entertained. Where will they take you next?


“Yes, I know, it was written in 1947! Nevertheless, The Famous Five are my all-time favourite books. It’s a delicious platter of adventure served with a side of laughs, a sprinkle of shockers and lashings of action.” – Jason (10 years old)